Posture Please

Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. =

As I look around today, I often wonder what happened to our basic rules on posture. I see so many adults and youth alike that have decided against walking with good posture. As I grew up, our parents and teachers told us to,    “Sit up straight! Stop dragging your feet when you walk! Don’t slump your shoulders! And so on.”

Why is your posture important? Because it represents who you are! It allows people to obtain a first impression that may or may not be true about you! Research shows that your body language represents more than half of all non verbal communication, with non verbal communication represents 93% of all communication. Which means communication is not just verbal it is also non verbal.

Just imagine arriving at a job interview early, you are slumping in your chair and the interviewer walks past you. Keep in mind he/she knows you but you don’t know who they are. What impression are you sending? Uninterested? Lazy? Unprepared? You don’t want to be there? Your resume may indicate that you are the best candidate for the job but you’ve just communicated something totally different.

Keep in mind your posture represents who you are. It’s the first thing people see when they see you. Are you standing up straight or shoulders slumped over?  If you choose not to walk or sit up straight, you are also choosing the consequences associated with your decision. Let’s focus on making a great first impression in every area, including your posture.


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