Standing Out


Have you ever been somewhere and there was one person that stood out among the crowd. One person that seemed to have it all together: their attire, posture and they walked with confidence level. I have!

What made this person so different? What was it about him/her that made you notice them in such a positive way? I’m certain it was the confidence they exuded. You may not have even heard them speak but you knew they spoke with confidence.

What does it take to stand out in a crowd? Positively, that is! It’s all about how you feel about yourself. When we look good we feel good! When we’re prepared, our confidence level increases. Looking good doesn’t take an expensive outfit! It takes you making a choice to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to be successful at that event. It means dressing for where you’re going, not where you are. It means preparation!

The next time you are preparing to go to a networking event, business engagement or even job interview, take some time to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to be successful. Research the event, the speaker, the companies attending, etc. Just like in the game of chess, it takes strategic planning to win. This allows you the opportunity to stand out in the crowd!


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