Did chivalry really die? Did good manners die with it? If so, when were the funerals? Maybe, the Women’s Liberation movement killed chivalry! When did it become okay not to hold a door open for an approaching person? Is that be considered rude? Did someone remove “thank you”, “please” and “I apologize” from the dictionary? I know we are always adding words, but no one told me these very important words had been removed from our vocabulary! What’s happening in our society? Are we so focused on ourselves that we’ve forgotten how to treat others?

Have we gotten so far away from “what’s right” that we’ve forgotten “what’s right”? Is there really a “right” and “wrong” way to be sociable?  If so, who’s teaching who, what? Are we grooming our next generation for success or failure?   How do we prepare the future leaders of America? What tools do they really need? What tools do we need to be successful? Do we have them? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t! Since “networking” is so common, what about reciprocity? Wow! Reciprocity! That’s interesting. Was any of this announced or answered on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS or even FOX News? If so, I haven’t heard!

Take a minute to really look at what’s happening around us today. Most of these answers lie within us. Are we really putting forth an effort to be successful or are we just allowing things to happen as they may. Remember success is strategic!