Dining Interviews – Are You Ready?

Are you aware that numerous companies are conducting the final interview over a meal? Well, they are. Some companies are using this practice as the final stage for the top candidates. I’ve even read that some of these interviews are held in a group interview style at a really nice restaurant. Imagine this.  It’s the final interview for the job you’ve always wanted. It not at the office but at a really nice restaurant and with your competition? Wow!  Are you ready?

Corporations today, want to know that you can handle yourself in a social environment.  What you do on the job and in the office is definitely important. But the way you conduct yourself sociably while handling their business over a meal is just as important.  Keep in mind, you represent the company that employs you and they want you to represent them well.  Your posture, grooming, dress and dining skills will all be noted during a dining interview.  Get prepared!

Here are some things you SHOULD NOT order during your dining interview.

1. No Wings/Drummettes – regardless of the flavor.
2. No Burgers or Sandwiches – Unless you plan to eat it with a knife and fork.
3. No Crab Legs – If you eat these, you know why.
4. No Alcohol – Even if the interviewer has a drink, you should NOT!
5. Do not order anything that you are not willing to pay for yourself.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Order nothing that requires the use of your hands or fingers to consume.  NOTHING!  You don’t want your juicy burger to drip on your neck tie or blouse. Or the juice from your crab legs to end up in the interviewers face. Please don’t order a huge steak or surf and turf because some else is picking up the tab. That just rude!  These foods are delicious but certainly not suitable for a dining interview.

Lastly, while preparing for the interview, look up the restaurant. Review the menu and decide, before you arrive, what you will order.  Remember, it’s hard to talk with your mouth full. This meeting is not about the meal, it’s about the business.