Work to Play, Play to Live

So many people are struggling to balance their busy lives. Working is a necessity but playing is a strong desire. Most people don’t get to play as often as they like and some not at all. Are we so busy earning a living that we are forgetting to live? We’re living in a microwave society in which we want things to be quick and easy. We have dreams and goals but they take hard work. So that’s all we think we need to do…work hard! Here’s a few tips to help you balance your hard work so you can play just as hard!

Work hard play hard
1. Change your mindset. We all have to work but we deserve to play and have fun. This does not mean quit your job but you can exhale.  Don’t take life so seriously that you miss out on what life is all about.  Life is meant to be enjoyed!

2. Organize your days – You can use the calendar in your cell phone or the old school method, like I do which is a pen, paper and a planner.  I actually use a mechanical pencil.  Regardless of what organizational tool you choose, start using it! It really makes life easier.

3. Prioritize – Determine what’s most important and do it first.  Do this for your work life and home life.  Some days, everything will appear to be a priority but it’s not! Only you can figure this out. You may need to learn to say NO! (Now, that’s a blog for another day.)  You’ll find that you will have more free time when you take control of your schedule.

4. Schedule time to play – Spend quality time with people you enjoy being with.  Whether this is dinner and a movie, meeting at a coffee shop or working out with your family or friends.  There are huge benefits to enjoying your life. Laughter is good for the soul. Try it and see how much better you feel.

5. Rainy Day Fund – We know a rainy day will come so prepare for it. My husband read an article that said 62% of Americans cannot put their hands on an extra $400 if needed. Don’t let this be     you! Save a percentage of every paycheck. Start small with 3% and increase it as time progresses.

6. Save to Play – Plan a nice vacation with family or friends. The key word is PLAN. Start putting a small amount away ($10-$20 weekly). Now you have vacation money without interfering with     any monthly obligations. Vacations don’t have to be in other countries. That’s  nice but not a necessity. You’ll be surprised at where $520 will take you (saving $10 per week).

7. Staycations are great! – Sometimes we  don’t need to leave our city to relax. There’s a lot to do in your surrounding area. Look for discounted hotel rates in your city, pack a bag and leave home. Taking a sabbatical from your cell phone and social media can serve as a quality vacation for some. Relaxation comes in a variety of forms.

The key is organization and proper planning. Quotes in which I live by:  “With organization comes empowerment” and “When you fail to plan you are planning to fail”. This applies to every aspect of your life. Take control of your life. Work to play and play to live!