13 Jun

Are you aware that numerous companies are conducting the final interview over a meal? Well, they are. Some companies are using this practice as the final stage for the top candidates. I’ve even read that some of these interviews are held in a group interview style at a really nice restaurant. Imagine this.  It’s the final […]

09 Jun

So many people are struggling to balance their busy lives. Working is a necessity but playing is a strong desire. Most people don’t get to play as often as they like and some not at all. Are we so busy earning a living that we are forgetting to live? We’re living in a microwave society […]

10 Jun

Did chivalry really die? Did good manners die with it? If so, when were the funerals? Maybe, the Women’s Liberation movement killed chivalry! When did it become okay not to hold a door open for an approaching person? Is that be considered rude? Did someone remove “thank you”, “please” and “I apologize” from the dictionary? […]

22 Mar

Have you ever been somewhere and there was one person that stood out among the crowd. One person that seemed to have it all together: their attire, posture and they walked with confidence level. I have! What made this person so different? What was it about him/her that made you notice them in such a […]

01 Nov

As I look around today, I often wonder what happened to our basic rules on posture. I see so many adults and youth alike that have decided against walking with good posture. As I grew up, our parents and teachers told us to,    “Sit up straight! Stop dragging your feet when you walk! Don’t […]