Everyday Etiquette

Everyday Etiquette is centered around building a strong foundation for children of all ages that will last them a lifetime. Enrolling them into etiquette classes is an investment that sees both short and long term results.  Everyday Etiquette equips them with the essentials needed to stand out among their peers and strive for new heights as they continue to grow.

Introductions and Greetings

Dining Etiquette

Listening Skills

Posture and Grooming

Self Esteem

Table Manners

The Seven Course Meal

children nice
kids handshake

P.R.I.D.E. Leadership Program

hs graduation

Talented Hardworking Responsible Individuals Valuing Excellence

The T.H.R.I.V.E. Leadership Program has been developed for high school seniors and juniors and is held every two years. It prepares young adults for the next chapter of their life. This is a six month program that requires the commitment of the participant and parent. A graduation celebration and dance is held at the end of the program to showcase what the participants learned during the program. Some topics includes:

Job Applications

Job Interview

Resume Building

You and Your Image (Social Media)

Basic Banking

Dining Etiquette

and much more!