A Dining Experience

Ordering the wrong entree at a business or interview meal can really cost you.  And we’re not talking about the cost of your meal.  This course is designed for colleges/universities and includes a five course meal provided by the school.  We coach you through the entire process.  Step by step, course after course.  Why? Because knowledge is power!  When you know how to navigate through a business meal your confidence increases. Our focus is to teach you what to do at these functions.  Some of the topics included are:


  • Small Talk
  • What to Order
  • Alcohol Allowed?
  • The Place Setting
  • Business Conversations
  • Gratuity Graces
  • and much more!

Backpacks to Briefcases

This program is catered towards college students who are on the verge of graduation and stepping into the professional world. Often times, our students spend so much time focuses on their next test that they’re severely under-prepared for the world of job hunting and interviewing. Backpacks to Briefcases offers a variety of courses, all of which are designed to maximize a University student’s chances of success after they walk across the stage.  Courses are listed below:


  • Confident Body Language
  • The Importance of the First Impression
  • Social Networking
  • The Wardrobe Essentials
  • The Business Lunch
  • Networking Necessities